Our Home

We are located in a beautiful quiet area in Edmonds, Washington, close to downtown hospitals, shopping centers, parks, and restaurants. Our home is unique with the owner being a certified nursing assistant with 26 years of experience. Our adult family home was named in loving memory of Helen Kirsten Levine. “She lived with style and grace.” Our residents will receive compassionate, professional care with dignity and respect in a caring home environment.

Why Choose Us

We provide holistic and dependable services that help our residents live with purpose. Our dedicated team members, residents, and their families create a unique, neighborly community and a safe and stimulating environment. We offer a variety of suite options and residents are welcome to decorate to their personal tastes. The owner and provider is an experienced caregiver and has the skills and experience of cooking Italian food. Residents enjoy these freshly prepared meals with love each day by the in-house chef.

About the Owner

The owner and provider, Neghisti Bahta, is a certified nursing assistant. She has 26 years of experience in caregiving. Neghisti worked for 26 years. She also has good experience cooking Italian food. She is a very dedicated caregiver.